Pahnke for almost than 50 years

Seit über 40 Jahren Phanke+PartnerPahnke Ingenieurgesellschaft mbh is a company with 40 years of experience, plumbing and consulting in the use of technical building equipment, nationally and internationally.

The engineering office was founded in 1969 by Mr. Pahnke.

In 1991 the company was renamed as Pahnke Ingenieurgesellschaft mbh. After Mr. Pahnkes retirement, Mr. Geist (Erhard) and Mr. Alt are the present sole managers of the company.

Since 2010 the business is led by managing partner Mr. Geist (Erhard) and the two managing directors Mr. Alt (Jürgen) and Mr. Geist (Marco).
Our field of activity contains the entire range of building services – from the development and monitoring of new and renovated buildings to property inspections of existing buildings, inclusively energy consulting and optimisation.

Besides standard planning of building services, Pahnke also deals with the planning of alternative energies, such as geothermal energy, solar energy, photovoltaic and many more. While planning our heat pumps, we work with patented and highly energy-efficient systems. Several buildings were already planned and accomplished with this technology.

Partner’s company management guarantees a consistently high processing quality for duties in all dimensions, due to personal commitment in the decision of concepts and the guidance and supervision of personnel. The business division of technical facility management was founded in 1994. It includes the full repertoire of activities in the field of facility management.

Since Pahnke was founded, we train apprentices in the field of technical drawing. Managing director Marco Geist is part of the IHK audit committee and is periodically conducting exams.

Furthermore Mr. Geist is a member of the VDI since 2006 and a member of DGNB since 2008. We are also founder member of the advisory council of the TU-Darmstadt Energiecenter e.V. and currently employ 15 people in our company.